Live Line Work &
Line Installation

Whether on poles or buried underground, we can design, install and maintain all forms of live, new or isolated high voltage installation. Including switches, transformers, and pole top fuse banks. We can also do 600 volt distribution systems.

Pole Top Transformer
Installation & Service

We can design, install and maintain pole top transformer systems for low voltage distribution.

Outdoor Lighting

We design, install and maintain pole top lighting installations for parking lots, sports and industrial complexes.

Power Generation

Tired of paying extremely high electricity rates? We can design, install and maintain prime power natural gas generation systems that can produce power for as low as 6c/Kwh. We can effectively take you ‘off the grid’.

Standby Generation

We design, install and maintain natural gas and diesel backup systems to ensure you never lose power for your critical operations.

Industrial Power
Distribution Systems

We design, install and maintain smart industrial power switching and distribution systems for any voltage. Whatever your industry, we can design an installation to meet all your present and future business needs.

Servicing Control Systems &
Power Distribution

Preventative maintenance, cleaning, testing and greasing all power switching equipment, as well as troubleshooting of controls systems.

Power Quality Analysis

Using the state-of-the-art power quality analysis logger, The Ranger 7,000, we can troubleshoot line dips, swells, serges, notches and rings. We are capable of locating harmonic distortion and flagging its direction, whether it’s coming from hydro source or internally from the facility. We can also definitively measure light flicker. We can also install permanent, internet-connected, power quality monitoring.


Thermography is used to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in electrical components. Reduce downtime by finding problems before they occur and performing preventative maintenance.